Anastasiia Pustovarova

Goethe-Institut Dresden

Prager Straße

AIR ALARM by Anastasiia Pustovarova

"Somehow it feels like a game, but it is not. It takes time to understand that something like this can really happen today and so much destruction can be done on purpose. The mind tries to find explanations, to give it a proper form, but it remains surreal. Is there any chance that the last sound of an air alarm will truly be the last forever?" A. Pustovarova

Ukrainian artist Anastasiia Pustovarova uses artistic work to consciously approach things that contradict logic and human nature, that seem so far from reality and at the same time happen every day in Ukraine. For this poster, Pustovarova was looking for a laconic form that is clear yet abstract enough to work in different contexts. It shows the feelings about the modern war in Ukraine, but also deals with the question of the concept of war in general.

Commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Center for International Cultural Education Dresden.