»Ich werde meine Träume nicht mehr los«

Ludwig Olah

Semperoper Dresden


Semperoper Dresden

Udo Zimmermann’s chamber opera »Weiße Rose« captures in a few scenes the thoughts, emotions, but also the fighting spirit of the siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl in the last hour before their execution by the National Socialists in 1943 in impressive tones, and focuses on the private fate of two young people with all their fears and hopes. »Whose war/Whose peace« the siblings on the production photo of Ludwig Olah seem to ask the viewer, then as today.

The Semperoper is associated with a worldwide reputation for top-class artistic performances, which is carried by the ensemble of the house as well as by numerous international guests. The Staatskapelle Dresden, one of the most traditional orchestras in the world for over 470 years, plays here.