Herakles von Hellersdorf - Heracles of Hellersdorf

Thomas Judisch

riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden

Wettiner Platz

riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden

When Thomas Judisch read the 12 heroic deeds of Heracles, he looked for modern references. So the mapped work "Heracles of Hellersdorf" was created. 12 baseball clubs made of concrete and steel combined here with a quotation from Goethe's Faust II.

Heracles also stood for courage, strength and heroism. From which deeds are heroine stories made today - hope, happiness and peace?

Thomas Judisch: Heracles of Hellersdorf, 2015, concrete, reinforcing steel.

In cooperation with riesa efau. Kultur Forum Dresden, 2023

Goethe: Faust. The Second Part of the Tragedy, 1832, Act 5