Abkhazia, Akarmara, 19/07/2019.

Ksenia Kuleshova

Kunsthaus Dresden


The photograph shows an apartment in Akarmara in Abkhazia, which was probably left by its inhabitants in a great hurry, and remains empty to this day. Abkhazia means land of souls in Abkhazian language; the region, which borders on the Black Sea, since the disintegration of the Soviet Union under international law is considered to be part of Georgia. During the separatist secession, which was accompanied by military conflicts and ethnic cleansing, the region lost almost half of the people who lived there. The former mining town of Akarmara is now considered a ghost town.

The motif is part of a photo series by the photographer Ksenia Kuleshova, born in Russia in 1988, and was selected by Kunsthaus Dresden in cooperation with the Ausländerrat Dresden as a contribution to "Whose War, Whose Peace".


Abkhazia, Akarmara, 19/07/2019. von Ksenia Kuleshova