Vom Recht des gemeinschaftlichen Besitzes

Ralph Zeger und Ruth Heynen

Landesbühnen Sachsen


Vom Recht des gemeinschaftlichen Besitzes

About „the right of common property of the surface of the earth, on which, as it is a globe, men can not be infinitely scattered, and in the end have to reconcile to existence side by side” writes Immanuel Kant in „On Eternal Peace“.

In circling, interlocking forms, the drawing describes a state in which everything is connected to everything else. No one can step out of the fragile mesh, take a special position. Nevertheless, this state is not a static one, but a restless, lively and also imperfect tangle of individuals and cells that depend on each other and find their meaning and peace only in mutual toleration and fertilization. Disorder and simultaneous order – a contradiction?!